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brush cleaner

On the page at www.zest-it.com/products.htm you can find a short description about all the different products and links to the various Zest-it products.

Each individual pages gives more helpful information about the product, what is made of, how to use it, what it can be used for, with useful hints and tips.

Oil Painting in general


For information about painting in general there is the techniques section, a few sections about colour and the colour wheel.

About Oil painting in general and how paint is made, these page read in conjunction with the above give a good introduction to oil painting and how Zest-it can be used.

Tools and equipment for oil painting


There are various types of brushes that can be used for oil painting from bristle to sabel, painting knives and palette knives for applying and mixing oil paint.

A palette and easel will be of considerable use with some thoughts about choosing them.

Specialist areas of the site

painting techniques

Project pages can be found in the following area, tuition for painting instruction, painting flowers wet-on-wet, Tole painting information, Tole brush strokes plus galleries and projects.

For blending Coloured Pencils on paper and parchment - lots of hints.

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